Arizona 离婚 and Separation 支持团体

Even when couples divorce or separate amicably, ending a long-term relationship is a life-altering decision that induces a wide range of emotions, including fear, guilt, anxiety, excitement, anger, and sadness. 这两个离婚都支持 groups and separation 支持 groups offer exactly what they promise: 支持. Participants find a safe place where they can express their conflicting emotions with others going through the same thing. 事实上,是实现 that others are struggling with similar issues helps many people going through divorce or separation. Additionally, participants find the act of 支持ing others a powerful part of their own emotional healing.

离婚 and Separation 支持团体The popularity of 支持 groups has grown to such a degree that those interested in joining a divorce 支持 group have many options from which to choose: co-ed, men only, women only, religion-based, online, parents, even 支持 groups specifically for children and teens. 无论哪一个 part of the 凤凰城 Metro area you call home, there is a divorce or separation 支持 group to fit your unique needs.

Co-ed 离婚支持团体

Co-ed groups include both men and women discussing the emotions and experiences of the end of a relationship.

组名称 位置 当他们见面 了解更多
离婚/Separation/Relationship Endings Franciscan Renewal Center, 斯科茨代尔 星期一,6:30-8:30 今日心理学
离婚复苏组 Transitions Counseling Office, Glendale Every other Thursday, 6-7:15 今日心理学
离婚恢复 凤凰城 我们下午6:15 MeetUp
Life After 离婚 – A Time to Rebuild, Reconnect & 茁壮成长! 斯科茨代尔 不同 MeetUp
East Valley 离婚恢复 Meetup 吉尔伯特 周二,周三晚上七点 MeetUp
离婚集团 亚利桑那州钱德勒 星期五晚上7:00 -8:00 今日心理学
离婚/Heartbreak Recovery Group 亚利桑那州斯科茨代尔 下午碰头5:30-6:30 今日心理学

Men Only 离婚支持团体

Men experiencing the end of a long-term relationship or marriage may feel more comfortable in a males-only 支持 group. 幸运的是,他们的选择 是丰富的.

组名称 位置 当他们见面 了解更多
离婚集团 钱德勒 星期五
晚上7点- 8点
男人的组 亚利桑那州钱德勒 结婚和碰头 今日心理学

Women Only 离婚支持团体

Many women prefer joining women-only 支持 groups. 他们会发现很多 options throughout the valley.

组名称 位置 当他们见面 了解更多
女性在过渡 斯科茨代尔 周四,6点半 MeetUp
女性在过渡 凤凰城 不同 今日心理学
East Valley 离婚的支持 Meetup for Women 吉尔伯特 坐上午8:30 MeetUp
Women’s 离婚的支持 Workshop 古德伊尔 不同 MeetUp

Religion-based 离婚支持团体

For some, the added comfort of religion helps them through the emotional 离婚的困难. If your own church does not offer a divorce 支持 group, consider one of these locations.

组名称 位置 当他们见面 了解更多
离婚保险 North 凤凰城 Baptist Church 星期三下午6:30 离婚保险
离婚保险 沙漠之景圣经教堂 星期二下午6:30 离婚保险
离婚保险 圣本笃教区 星期二下午6:30 离婚保险
离婚恢复 凤凰城 星期三,6:15 MeetUp

Family-based 离婚支持团体

Families going through divorce have unique needs. 如果你觉得你的孩子 would benefit from a 支持 group, or if you would like to meet with other parents specifically about the challenges of co-parenting after separation or divorce, one of these groups may be a good fit for your family.

组名称 位置 当他们见面 了解更多
Child/Adolescent 离婚 and Separation Support 箭头家庭系统 不同 今日心理学
共同监护组 箭头家庭系统 星期五,下午5:15-6:45 今日心理学
离婚支持组 for Tweens Barnes Counseling and Coaching, 斯科茨代尔 不同 今日心理学
East Valley 离婚恢复 吉尔伯特 不同 MeetUp

Online 离婚支持团体

Online 支持 groups have two unique features participants appreciate: 即时性和匿名. There is no need to wait for weekly meetings when your 支持 group is online. Add to that the freedom of divulging your feelings without anyone ever knowing whom you are and you can understand the appeal of online 支持 groups. Some popular online options:

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